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Tourist camp in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Country: Jordan · City: Wadi Rum

Tourist camp in Wadi Rum WORKING ARRANGEMENT The stay is not less than two weeks, Work 6 hours a day LIVING ARRANGEMENT room with a private bathroom and all meals are free

wadi rum village

Country: Jordan · City: Wadi Rum Village

Come and experience life in the beautiful Wadi Rum Desert. I'm Auduh. I'm a Bedouin from Wadi Rum Village where I grew up and am now living with my family. I work in tourism. We run a traditional Bedouin camp for visitors. There's much to be seen and done, as we are providing desert tours as well. ...

Volunteer with us in Wadi Rum!

Country: Jordan · City: Wadi Rum

You are welcome to live with me and my family in Wadi Rum, and learn about Bedouin culture. You will share our daily routine and experience the way of life here, our customs and traditions. For example, you will eat with us the traditional way and get to eat delicious Jordanian and Bedouin food. It...

Wadi Rum Camp with Hiking Tour, help with tourists

Country: Jordan · City: Wadi Rum Village

Hello! My Name is Enad, I live in Wadi Rum Village. Here you are most welcome to stay. I have my own house where is a separate room for you. I have a camp in the desert where I offer hiking tours for tourist. You can help with tourist, internet, booking, in the camp. Here is a nice spring to visit, ...

help need for hostel in petra jordan

Country: Jordan · City: Petra

Newly opened hostel in one of the 7 wonders ((petra jordan)) looking for volunteers to help in kitchen and house keeping also at the reception, giving information to tourist we give free tours to our volunteers. there are many things that you can do and see around , its possible to visit the city ce...

help need for hotel in petra jordan

Country: Jordan · City: Petra

We are new backpackers hostel in petra, we just started soon and we are looking for volunteers that can help us at the hostel. The work can be few hours a day. We need people to help at the reception such as answering the phone and talking to guests, also at the roof for the tent just with backpacke...