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Immerse Yourself in an organic farm near Kathmandu

Country: Nepal · City: Dharke

At our farm, we offer a unique volunteer experience immersed in the heart of Nepali culture and organic farming. Join our close-knit community, where diverse backgrounds blend harmoniously. As a volunteer, you'll actively contribute to our ongoing projects, from tending to our pesticide-free vegetab...

Gap year volunteer program in Nepal

Country: Nepal · City: kathmandu

a) Teaching English at our Village Recourse Centers  The primary purpose of the Center is to offer community youth the  opportunity to develop their English language skills and to give the young people a beneficial and positive way of spending their time rather than  taking up drinking, smoking, or ...

Learning by doing

Country: nepal · City: nuwakot

Project Description: The "Learning By Doing" project in agriculture is designed to provide hands-on learning experiences to farmers and aspiring agricultural enthusiasts. The goal is to equip participants with practical knowledge and skills to enhance agricultural productivity, sustainability, and i...

Join Our Sustainable and Holistic Community Education System in Damak

Country: Nepal · City: Near Surnise Model School, Damak, 57217

***Namaskar, and Welcome to The Family*** To Start With, Our Project for 2024 is to travel around Nepal visiting Organic Farmer Families, Orphanages, and Schools, who are looking for help to change and start moving towards a Sustainable Approach to Life. With a team of 3 + volunteers + experts in ...

Need Help for my Organic farm

Country: Nepal · City: Bhanu

I respect all the volunteers and welcome to my multipurpose aggrofarm for helping my farm to sustaining and making integrated farming system which is the learning platform for the community. We do not have hard work but have many work to do. We prefered to support 5 hours a day and 5 days in a week ...

Volunteer needed

Country: Nepal · City: Sanagaon lalitpur

We are Kathmandu base travel and tour company. I’m looking volunteer person for IT, So if any interested person i can host during his or her traveling to Nepal. We provide basis sleeping, WiFi, hot shower, and breakfast. Work is possible 4 hours a days 5 days a week. But need to completed the proje...