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help need for hostel in petra jordan

Location: Petra, Jordan
Newly opened hostel in one of the 7 wonders ((petra jordan)) looking for volunteers to help in kitchen and house keeping also at the reception, giving information to tourist we give free tours to our volunteers.
there are many things that you can do and see around , its possible to visit the city center for shoping and some walk around and its ptetty good fun as its full of tourist in te center and you ger to meet locals to know more about culture and tradition , also gym is not too far if you intrested, and many restaurant and cafes to some shisha and to know some of jordan tradition, also hours riding is availabe also we have a farm that you can visit and spend time and enjoy the barbeque even for free.
you are able to visit petra (1 of the 7 wonders) which goes bacjk to the 4th century bc, you can visit the treasry the famous place also you can visit the highplace of secrfice al,so the monstry is one of the high lights in the area, possble also to do little petra (small petra) and we can help you with the free transport including free babeque dinner in this desert, also with great view and beautiful stars at night time, this also part of our voulnteering events, shoubak castel is not far too we can arrange free tour to visit including excellent gorgeous sunset spots over the view of petra.
help need for hostel in petra jordan