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Help needed for hotel in Petra, Jordan

Country: jordan · City: petra

We are new backpackers hostel in petra, we just started soon and we are looking for volunteers that can help us at the hostel. The work can be few hours a day. We need people to help at the reception such as answering the phone and talking to guests, also at the roof for the tent just with backpacke...

in small bedouin villade of little petra i will let you know more about bedouin life

Country: Jordan · City: Nawwaf bedouin house -in old little petra bayda

I am a Bedouin man that needs someone to help me in my house, whom can assist me with the online part of my business. Some help would be appreciated as well with the garden a my new house ( construction, decoration ). You can also volunteer assisting my tours when i have tourists. I am a Bedouin amb...

Help us in the beautiful desert of Wadi Rum

Country: Jordan · City: Wadi Rum

Hi there travelers from around the world, our team is looking for support. All of our team are Bedouin born in the Wadi Rum desert. We have many years experience working in tourism industry, running different tours in the desert e.g. hiking, climbing, camel trekking, jeep tours and camping. Your t...

Help in our hotel in stunning Wadi Musa, Petra in Jordan

Country: Jordan · City: Wadi Musa

We are a 3-star hotel of charm Ideally located in Wadi Musa, Petra, a beautifully restored historic city. With the atmosphere of freedom, clearness and calmness. The hotel is situated in 300 meters from the main entrance of the ancient Lost City of Petra the new 7 wonders of the world. The hotel's...

Experience desert lifesyle with Bedouins

Country: Jordan · City: Wadi Rum

Volunteers will have an amazing chance to experience real Bedouin lifestyle in heart of the Middle East- Jordan and Wadi Rum. Tasks: Volunteers will be asked to daily answer e-mails, update facebook page and web-site..I can imagine how boring it seems so far, but don't worry- it would take just aro...

The "Jeftlek" farm - Jordan

Country: Jordan · City: Amman

Enjoy the farm spring … The "Jeftlek" farm is an organic olive farm located 45km from Amman, in Jerash mountains-Jordan. The farm has besides Olives, fruit trees and grows seasonal vegetables. Sheep, Geese, Ducks, Turkey and Chicken are also bred in the farm and are allowed to graze free. The farm h...