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Creating and hosting a unique experience in Amsterdam!

Country: Netherlands · City: Amsterdam

Hi! I'm Willem and in 2020 I build my dream: An indoor camping Hotel in Amsterdam. It's a 1000m2 indoor park in which guest can spend the night in a vintage camper of even in one of the beach houses. Yes there even is a white sandy beach! The easiest explaination is: It looks like a camping but it w...

Hostel The Golden Stork

Country: Netherlands · City: The Hague

Hello! The Golden Stork got a couple of last minute work and stay opportunities open! We are located it a cute canal in the city The Hague, Netherlands. We offer a bed in one of our dorms, a fun and social international environment, delious locally branded coffee and discounts on our plant based men...

Bodegraven & Alphen a/d Rijn, help with farm work & reno.

Country: Netherlands · City: Bodegraven

We have two locations currently! One is in Alphen a/d Rijn and the other in Bodegraven. Both are close to public transportation and the major cities Amsterdam, Utrecht, Leiden, Rotterdam, The Hague. Currently 3 private bedrooms for either couples or single travellers. We're located in the centre of...

PR, social media, seo/marketing help needed! Events in travel and music.

Country: Netherlands · City: Amsterdam

Hello I am Manu, a traveller just like you. Italian, but part-time based in Amsterdam, NL. In several continents I have worked as a volunteer in exchange for accomodation, and it is a fantastic way to stay for a while in one place and -really, truly- get to know it and its locals...while staying lo...

Amsterdam Cooking Project

Country: Netherlands · City: Amsterdam

Hello I'm looking for a skilled cook that would like to stop for a longer period. Some one in look for a new life in Amsterdam would be ideal. My friend owns an Italian Deli and we want to expand the business. Our goal is to create cooked and vacuum packed products and deliver both to costumers or o...

Robin Food Collective - Amsterdam

Country: Netherlands · City: Amsterdam

we are full till oktober.. and maybe even longer. But we do have great news! Let me tell you :) We are really enthusiastic about it! We heart that we are one of the favourites who are in the run for a building of 700 m2! In this building (and here it comes..) we want to start a Volunteer Hostel! S...