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Who can be a Host?

If you need help with your farm, painting, repairing, building, babysitting, creating something or running your hostel, restaurant, bar, etc (you name it!) you can be a Host. Submit your project and be contacted by volunteers offering their help in exchange for food and accommodation. There is no money involved.

What's the difference between VB and similar websites?

Hosts listing their projects in VB will support volunteers by offering them this service for free (unlike other sites where volunteers have to pay to contact hosts). We need you! VB has no fees and makes no profit, this is a free service for everyone. We need the support of new and existing hosts for this project to grow.

Volunteers won’t pay anything to participate and to apply for projects. That means that if they can’t find a project that fits their interests or that the project they have applied for can’t take them in the dates they are able to offer help, they won’t end up with a useless premium $ membership.

Both parties will be participating in a moneyless volunteering network.

How do I publish my project in VB?

Simple, just fill this form. If you want to edit/delete the information later you should register as a new user before listing your project. For safety reasons and to ensure the quality of the site all projects will be checked before going public.

What information should I include?

A well written Project will save you time because Volunteers will have less questions when contacting you.

Use the following guidelines.

  • Location: Volunteers will be able to see your project on the map.
  • Description of your project: What is it all about? Don't miss any detail, make it sound interesting but keep it real, you don't want volunteers to feel disappointed later.
  • Job and Reward
    • What kind of tasks and how many hours per day/week do you expect volunteers to do? 20-25 hours per week with 1-2 free days to go around is a fare deal.
    • What will they get in return?
      • Accommodation: own room, tent, shared space, etc.
      • Food: how many meals, vegetarian friendly, etc.
      • Note: many projects are run on a very low budget, if you can't provide food for example, please make it clear in your description.
  • Requirements for Volunteers
    • Maximum or minimum length of stay
    • Special skills or previous experience
    • Languages, etc.
    • Remember that volunteering exchange is about learning and sharing.
  • Extra info: Whatever you consider relevant. For example: Are there interesting locations to visit near your place? Can volunteers borrow a bicycle?
  • Contact details: Email is required, you can add any extra contact information you want.
  • Fees: Projects listed in this website should NOT charge volunteers to participate.

Communication with potential Volunteers | IMPORTANT!

We encourage Hosts and Volunteers to communicate extensively and to clear up all doubts before making any agreement. We advise you to ask the Volunteers about their previous experiences and motivations, feedbacks from other Hosts or any relevant references. When you meet each other in person, reproducing any form of identification is recommended. UPDATE 2022: to protect hosts from spam a profile verification system has been introduced, read more about it here.