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help us teach english

Country: Colombia · City: Bojaca

Good day traveler if you stay here, you will be part of a group of people that are developing a program to learn Spanish. We would like you to help us by being part of some videos, which will help many people learn Spanish and English. WORKING ARRANGEMENT The idea is that you could help us out fo...

Language teacher/ profesor de idiomas

Country: Colombia · City: Puerto López

Already know Puerto Lopez Colombia? Visit our cultural centre, where you will learn about our culture by teaching English (and other languages) to local children, get to know the local tourist sites and its unique gastronomy. Our volunteering offers: - Food - Accommodation -Internet connection We re...

The Guitar House Museum

Country: Colombia · City: Betania

La Guitarra House Museum is a space for the conservation of historical memory, cultural, tourist and environmental management of the municipality of Betania. The museum house is located next to the Pedral River, which connects the museum with the Farallones del Citará forest reserve, with a high bi...


Country: Colombia · City: Andes

Promote the learning of a second language in the educational community of Marco Fidel Suárez Promote the recognition of cultures, the appropriation of a global vision, the appreciation of difference and communication Activities to be developed by the volunteers - Support students ...

El Banco del Tiempo

Country: Colombia · City: Bucaramanga

Somos la Fundación Cooprofesores, organización sin ánimo de lucro con una trayectoria de 24 años vinculada a la educación. Nuestra sede se encuentra localizada en la ciudad de Bucaramanga, Colombia. Pertenecemos a la Cooperativa de Profesores, entidad que congrega docentes de Santander, Norte de Sa...

Cultivos Permacultura y construcción de cabaña en barro!

Country: Colombia · City: Cali

El proyecto se desarrollará en la ciudad de Cali, del 22 de julio de 2021 en adelante, se ofrece alojamiento, comida, dentro del terreno hay rio, se buscan voluntarios con o sin experiencia interesados en hacer parte de este proyecto.