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I know the world teaching English

Country: Ecuador · City: Cuenca

Hello, I´m Alexandra, and I own an apartment where English-speaking countries people are more than welcome! This is with the main objective of having and welcoming more foreigners here in our beautiful city of Cuenca, as well as having them participate in different language cultural exchanges. WORK...

Help students improve their English while getting to know the wonderful city of Loja!

Country: Ecuador · City: Loja

Loja, known as the city of art and culture, has wonderful landscapes that allow you to connect with nature, in addition to being one of the cleanest and safest cities in Ecuador, you are very close to mountains, rivers and towns full of history and culture, you will undoubtedly fall in love with its...


Country: Ecuador · City: Latacunga

We have an English language institute in the lovely town of Latacunga. All of our students are very motivated to learn English. Most are in their late teens and 20's, and are studying to get a better job, to travel, or for their university requirement, so they work very hard. WORKING ARRANGEMENT ...

Ayúdanos en nuestro instituto de inglés, enseñando inglés conversacional

Country: Ecuador · City: Quito

Hola, soy Karina, y quiero invitarte a que nos ayudes a enseñarles a más personas a hablar inglés, aprender inglés para ellos es muy importante porque pueden mejorar sus oportunidades laborales, académicas y personales. Nuestro objetivo es ayudar a que más personas sean bilingües WORKING ARRANGEMEN...


Country: Ecuador · City: Vilcabamba

GAZELOOK.COM: A HUMANITARIAN ORGANIZATION, BASED IN THE EUROPEAN UNION. OUR OPERATIONS OFFICE IS LOCATED ON A BEAUTIFUL ORGANIC FARM OUTSIDE OF VILCABAMBA, LOJA, ECUADOR. Vilcabamba is famously known as, "The Valley of Longevity" (The closest city with an airport is Loja.) Our weather is springtim...

English Teachers needed Salinas Beach Ecuador

Country: Ecuador · City: Salinas

We have an English Summer Camp for kids, we are located in the beautiful beach of Salinas Ecuador, we teach the kids grammar and vocabulary, nut our main goal is to have them developing the speaking skills, so all our activities are in English only. Among some of our fun activities we have gardening...