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Help with household and twin toddlers

Country: België · City: GENT

You'll be helping in the household of a busy working single twin mom. WORKING ARRANGEMENT You'll make sure the household is taken care of at all times. You'll be bringing and picking up kids from kindergarden (either with the stroller or by car if you have drivers license and proof that you're d...

Help with household and twin toddlers

Country: Belgium · City: Ghnet

You'll be responsible for the all day household chores to keep this household running. The household contains of one single working mom and two (2 years old) toddlers that go to kindergarden on weekdays. WORKING ARRANGEMENT Bringing and picking up kids from kindergarden (by stroller, or car if you...

All kind of jobs for a handyman or housekeeper for short stay

Country: Belgium · City: Kuurne

If you are looking for a short stay (2 or 3 nights), … I might have some shores that fits you because all kind of help is welcome here. For instant: Painting the doors Reparing the bicycle or the sawing machine or the wheelbarrow,… Electrical work, like fixing the light in the garden house Carpent...

Renovation of verandah

Country: Belgium · City: Kuurne

Fall 2021 I want to finish the renovation of my verandah. Specifically, this means: Insulate, carpentry, paint ceiling, lay floor (laminate). I am a novice handyman. I belief in Try and error and youtube instructional videos :). Do you have handyman skills or just common sense to figure it out toget...

Different kinds of help needed (Yoga / website/ other)

Country: Belgium · City: Schaerbeek

Hi, I'm looking for someone who can teach me yoga. I want to learn a basic flow that I can be confident to use on my own. In return you can sleep on the sofa in my studio in Brussels, and join me for (vegetarian) meals. I'm also looking for someone to make me a website (travel/photography). Same...

Help needed with halterbreaking foals

Country: belgium · City: harsin

It is weaning time, that means that we are going to separate the foals from the mothers and they have to learn everything. Do you love horses and do you have experience with foals? Don't hesitate to contact us. We have a quarter horse breeding farm in the beautiful Belgian Ardennes. We offer a nice ...