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Holivia -olive farm revitalization project near Izmir

Country: Turkey · City: Karaburun/Izmir

Holivia -olive farm revitalization project You are most welcome to help us in the project of revitalization of an olive farm in the most virgin and beautiful place in the Izmir area (and most probably in all western Turkey). We are a family of downshifters, Veli is a psychologist, Berna math teach...

Turkey needs help in our village in Muğla, Ortaca- Dalyan.

Country: Turkey · City: Mugla

Hello, We are Ihsane and Necat. We have been living in a small village in Muğla - Ortaca Dalyan. We live with our three young children (ages 9, 6 and 2). We grow Pitaya in our farm. In ou 5-acre garden, greenhouse, pomegranate trees, dogs and chickens. We are busy with weeding in the garden and gre...

Experience Turkish culture and beautiful Datça

Country: Turkey · City: Mugla

We have an apartment-based hotel situated in Datca, Turkey where the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas meet. Datça is unspoilt, beautiful, peaceful and relaxing. People from many cultures visit Datca every summer to enjoy the sea and night life. People love it here because the weather is warm with a coo...

Outdoor Travel Agency in Olympos and Çıralı

Country: Turkey · City: Antalya

I have an outdoor tours agency office in Çıralı. Our bussines getting bigger here now and need marketing-office staff. Also we do marketing in Olympos too. You will have plenty of time having fun! 6 hours working in a day. We need a person at beginning of June or earlier. Looking forward to hearin...

Farm house

Country: Turkey · City: Isparta, yakaören

my name is cihan yayla I run the farm alone with the help of local and international volunteers, who all live on the farm and participate in various projects. i need some help on garden accomodation and food recomended and also we can plan for some good trecking path if its not pass on hervest t...

Learn all about dairy farming in Istanbul

Country: Turkey · City: Istanbul,Silivri,Büyükçavuşlu

We are a very hard working Turkish couple running a dairy farm since 2000. Our operation is designed as a 200 head conventional dairy however we are trying to stop the monocultural,industrial way of producing.We are what we eat and we are after;economical,ecological and social sustainability.We the...