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Prague - small goat farm straight in the city.

Country: Czech republic · City: praha

We live in a romantic valley 12 minutes from downtown Praha by city transport! We need help with things, that are actually fun to do - but even more fun if we are not alone to do them. Like giving the goats hey, milking them, pruning the trees in the garden, planting flowers, taking the goats for th...

Help needed with our pension in Giant Mountains, Czech Republic

Country: Czech Republic · City: Mladé Buky

Hello, we have a small family pension in Giant Mountains in a small village in Mladé Buky. For the winter season from December to March (three months) we are looking for cleaning assistance in exchange for food and food, it is about 10 hours a week. We offer accommodation in our family house, in our...

Volunteers needed for English teaching program in Prague

Country: Czechia · City: Prague

Angloville hosts language immersion programs all over Europe and we are looking for volunteers for our program starting on Sunday the 28th of May until the 2nd of June. You will spend five days taking part in conversations and activities which strive to help our clients improve their English speak...

Organization of socio-eco-cultural festival and re-cultivation of the riverside public space

Country: Czech Republic · City: Brno

Date: 1st - 7th October Location: public space of Táborského nábřeží (riverbank), Brno We are a community of people, named PARK (Positive Action Re-Cultivation), who are interested in the quality of public space and its use. Our general goal is to support and to develop civic participation which fo...

Damian and Simona's Smallholding

Country: Czech Republic · City: Písek u Jablunkova

We (Simona and Damian) are part of an extended family, living in 4 houses on the same plot. We grow some of our own food, and keep 2 horses (soon to be 3), 7 sheep and poultry. We don't sell anything, just for our own needs and for friends. We brew our own beer, wine, and press our own juice. Someti...

Volunteering in Beautiful Mountains of Czech republic with friendly family

Country: Czech Republic · City: Jeleni,Nové Hamry, okr. Karlovy Vary

We live our life as we wish. A Happy family, Nature and Travel lovers.. we are Indian-Czech family. People say we are brave and courageous, the truth is we are just following our dreams. Our house is build in 1896, and it was German hotel till the second world war and then the whole area was restri...