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Building a new roof on my house.

Country: Norway · City: Skjervøy

My projekt is my home ,my house .. I live in Artic aeria in Norway and search volunteers from Europe . WORKING ARRANGEMENT Searching one or two person who can help with build a new roof on a little house. The projekt will take place from 26 june and about foure weeks further… We want to work on t...

Live in a traditional Norwegian log cabin and take care of a BIG dog

Country: Norway · City: Tyristrand

I need someone to look after my dog while I will be away for work some days in the week. He is a very big dog (around 85kg) so you must be confident with big dogs. WORKING ARRANGEMENT Mishka (my dog) needs about 1h walk everyday, you will also have to feed him once a day and keep him company. Whe...

Need help in Arctic aeria .

Country: Norway · City: Skjervøy

Living in the arctic aeria means a lot of weather and a lot of nature. During the year i live two different aeria ,in a house at the coast in Skjervøy Troms ,and in a Cabin in the mountains of Maze Finnmark . For a living a have been a dogtrainer and hunting guide ,now i retired but still doing alm...

Farm help, sheep and dogsleding farm, northern Norway

Country: Norge · City: Storslett

Help to different projects on the farm and help to take care of oure dogs. We always have a million different things going on at oure farm so we could need some extra hands this summer to help just with basic stuff so we can get more work done. WORKING ARRANGEMENT Feeding dogs, help training dogs...

Help needed with sheep and other tasks

Country: Norway · Region: Finnmark · City: Børselv

We are a Christian couple who are interested in the organic idea. We have sheep and grow vegetables, potatoes and some berries. Our plan is to build a sustainable organic sheep operation. We have around 70 adult sheep as of today. Here the work will consist among other things in fencing, basic carpe...

Season 2022 - Help needed in Norway

Country: Norway · City: Ulvik, Ulvik

Dear volunteer! Our company, B-Nature is very dynamic and offers exclusive and unique products in 2 different locations, Ulvik and Osa. these small places are considered by many to be in the Top-10 of the worlds most beautiful destinations. Osa is 9 km away from Ulvik and it is where the road ends a...