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Farm help, sheep and dogsleding farm, northern Norway

Country: Norge · City: Storslett

Help to different projects on the farm and help to take care of oure dogs. We always have a million different things going on at oure farm so we could need some extra hands this summer to help just with basic stuff so we can get more work done. WORKING ARRANGEMENT Feeding dogs, help training dogs...

Help needed with sheep and other tasks

Country: Norway · Region: Finnmark · City: Børselv

We are a Christian couple who are interested in the organic idea. We have sheep and grow vegetables, potatoes and some berries. Our plan is to build a sustainable organic sheep operation. We have around 70 adult sheep as of today. Here the work will consist among other things in fencing, basic carpe...

Season 2022 - Help needed in Norway

Country: Norway · City: Ulvik, Ulvik

Dear volunteer! Our company, B-Nature is very dynamic and offers exclusive and unique products in 2 different locations, Ulvik and Osa. these small places are considered by many to be in the Top-10 of the worlds most beautiful destinations. Osa is 9 km away from Ulvik and it is where the road ends a...

We need help on our ecological farm in Norway

Country: Norway · City: Steinkjer

All year round we have young people as volunteers/helpers on our farm. After a while they become members of our big family. Together with all of them we achieved a lot! You are invited to become one of them, to visit us and get your own impression of the life at our farm! We do not just work togethe...

volunteers with driving license, practical sense and pedagogical skills

Country: Norge · City: Jevnaker

Solborg is a multi-cultural social therapeutic community for disabled adults and is part of the international network of Camphill villages.The aim of Camphill villages and of Solborg is to create a new form of community life inspired by anthroposophy, together with disabled adults, as a community wi...

Handy helpers needed for renovation and daily work at guest house

Country: Norway · City: Vesterålen Isles

I have a wonderful place in North Norway, herited from my grandparents, with a beautiful main house and more than a hundred year old traditional dock house buildings. My major aim is to save and keep the buildings and their history - and share it with other people,through a summer time guesthouse. ...