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Support the construction of model kitchen gardens in Mukarange

Country: Rwanda · City: Kayonza

This project intends to support poor families living in Mukarange sector, Kayonnza district to build 20 model kitchen gardens for various vegetables so that they may be able to get a balanced diet for their household members, especially children suffering from malnurition. The first activity is to r...

Teaching at Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya

Country: Turkana-west · City: Kakuma

The Pre-school, established at the outset of 2018, was born from the necessity to address the challenges faced by vulnerable families with young children. These families often had to leave their children unattended while they attended to daily duties, which posed significant risks in the precarious ...

Women Empowerment at Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya KENYA

Country: Turkana-west · City: Kakuma

One of the noteworthy initiatives within this camp is the Women Empowerment Volunteer Program. This program is designed to uplift disadvantaged women through education, economic empowerment, and entrepreneurship. Volunteers work closely with these women to foster economic self-sufficiency and suppor...

Delay Marriage / Promote School

Country: Uganda · City: Jinja

In Uganda, 54% of women between 20 and 24 were married by 18, and 12% are married by age 15. In Busoga Region, parents marry off their daughters for money and gifts. In 1997, the Government of Uganda introduced the Universal Primary Education program to provide free primary education. Enrollment in...

Help teaching the kids and youth in Tanzania

Country: Tanzania · City: Morogoro

My name is Selly and I am the president of an association. I am 25 years old and I live in the city of Morogoro in Tanzania, where I was born. I founded this association two years ago with the aim of promoting access to education for disadvantaged and disabled children in my country and hometown. U...

Volunteer Help Needed/Partnership

Country: The Gmabia · City: Banjul

YOUTH VOLUNTEERS FOR DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION With regards to the above captioned, and on behalf of the above caption association I wish to Request/apply for Partnership/Collaboration with you , we are youth volunteer organisation base in The Gambia / West Africa. We are aware of the fact that aft...