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TrustRoots is a Free and Open-Source Hospitality Network for travelers ❤

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How it works

Volunteers Base is a moneyless help exchange network, it's free and always will be! Hosts in need of helping hands list their Projects and Volunteers interested in joining can get in touch. Projects can be almost anything: farming, building, hostels, language teaching, house-sitting, community work, arts & crafts, housekeeping, etc.

How Volunteers Base works

What is different about VB?

In other volunteering networks suchs as HelpX, Wwoof, and WorkAway, volunteers pay membership fees before they can contact hosts. Volunteers Base is a totally free alternative ❤


Do you need help with your project? Can you offer hospitality in return? List your project in VB. More information for Hosts.


Do you want to volunteer while travelling? Explore listed projects and find the one that fits your skills. More information for Volunteers.


The more projects listed on VB the more volunteering opportunities. The best way to make VB grow is by spreading the word. Check out 4 ways to help promoting in 1 minute.