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Hillside garden

Country: Slovenia · City: Dobrovnik

We are Veronika & Michael, from Slovenia & Germany. We have been together for over 4 years and we really enjoy being surrounded by nature and meeting people and cultures. We bought this property 4 Years ago and have been working on improving it since. Planing on building our future home. W...

Help with eather hosting, marketing or technichal support during the Sajeta Art ˛Music Festival

Country: Slovenia · City: Tolmin

Art & Music Festival Sajeta invites all interested volunteers to join us in Tolmin, Slovenia, for 1 week, from 03. 07. to 10. 07. 2023, and experience being a part of creating a festival. With 23 past editions, Sajeta established itself as one of the most prominent art festivals of this type in...

Looking for course marshals/cook/DJ for a downhill skateboarding event in Slovenia

Country: Slovenia · City: Livek

No Man's Land is a 4 day downhill skateboarding event in the middle of the Alps by the emerald Soca river. The project aims to bring to the community a wholesome and a memorable downhill experience. It strives to raise awareness on negative impacts of wars and of national borders. The venue is an im...

Join us and give us a hand with planting and weeding organic vegetables

Country: Slovenia · City: Gradišica

Our farm is an organic farm on which four generations of our family live and work. . We produce organic vegetables and raise our animals organically. Through all year we are happy to host you and to accept your help on the farm: when we prepare the land for planting and harvesting the vegetables we ...

All of kind help in mini hostel in Central Ljubljana

Country: slovenia · City: Ljubljana

We just try to finish our new hostel. we need help with cleaning, reception, animation... Also about construction. Depends on helper preferences. We expect 4 hours of work, six days a week. We offer accomodation and food.

Course Marshals for the event KnK Longboard Camp 2017

Country: Slovenia · City: Osilnica

For this year's KnK Longboard Camp we seek for 15 Course Marshal Volunteers. The Camp will take place in Osilnica, Slovenia from 24/07/2017 until 29/07/2017 (KnK #1) and from 01/08/2017 until 06/08/2017 (KnK #2). However, we expect you to be in Osilnica one day before the event starts, on 23/07/2017...