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Filming/Photographing - Permaculture Design

Country: Sweden · City: Älmhult

We regularly film and photograph our work to use in our book, online course and documentary, so if you have specific skills regarding camera use, we might use your assistance for photo, audio, video, and editing of these. We have made a complete permaculture design for our entire property. This des...

Work with Animals and Plants in Sweden

Country: Sweden · City: Älmhult

We plan to have chickens, ducks, pigs, sheep, alpacas, snails, bees, fish, crayfish and maybe cattle and rabbits, and we hope to introduce chickens already in 2020. This will require some help in the establishing phase especially with the production of the mobile hen house. We are producing most of...

Helpers Accomodation

Country: Sweden · City: Älmhult

Another building project we have launched is accommodations for our helpers. This will be an octagonal timber construction with room for 12 persons. We will do everything from the bottom and up. From felling trees, milling the trees to timber and putting it all together.

Sustainable Earthship inspired house-build

Country: Sweden · City: Älmhult

Currently, our main focus is to build our house. This work is very versatile, and there is always more than one project running at a time. In 2020, we are doing a lot of woodwork to produce the timber required for our roof construction. We have a portable sawmill, and many hours will be spent there....

Come and help with Alpacas in a beautiful part of the Swedish countryside. Sweden

Country: Sweden · City: Sala

Hey hey! I'm Paul I own Sweden's largest alpaca farm with over 100 alpacas, I have three children. Liam (18), Dylan (7) and Oscar (4). We also have a Bed & Breakfast, swimming pool, hot tub and sauna on the 100 acre farm. We've been lucky to win best B&B in Sweden on booking sites successive...

Help around a small Hotel & Hostel

Country: sweden · City: löttorp

We need some help running a small Hotel & Hostel on the beautiful island Öland in Sweden. We need help cleaning and serving breakfast and sometimes taking care of our dog and chickens. if you have a drivers license its a plus but not a must. We offer food, mostly vegetarian, and accommodation in...