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Volunteer Veterinary Staff

Country: Thailand · City: Koh Samui

On the tropical island of Koh Samui, Thailand, you’ll encounter many stray dogs and cats wandering the beaches and streets. Due to a lack of an ongoing maintenance sterilization program, these dogs and cats breed unrestrained, causing stress to human-animal relations, injuries, and premature deaths....

Two Kinds of Help Needed: 1.To establish a flower garden of size and 2. Volunteer/Education

Country: Thailand · City: baan Kruat

We have two offers: 1. We can exchange room and board for labour and time setting up Flower gardens We have various ongoing Farming projects including Rubber, Rice, and other exotics..Would like to get into growing flowers. or 2..for labour and time in my wifes primary school or assisting in edu...

Eco Village - Permaculture experiences in Phanom Thailand

Country: Thailand · City: Phanom

We are in need of members who can work in the garden. Also, we are working towards planning and creating new constructions with natural building materials. Our intention is to build a strong and supportive team/family, thus we are looking for committed people willing to stay here for a longer period...

Come and help us to create a better life for over 550 animals

Country: Thailand · City: Khon Kaen

Welcome to the place full of light and love where miracles happen. We are a sanctuary from Northeastern Thailand giving a home to over 550 rescued animals. Most of them are dogs, we also have many cats, a few pigs and ducks. We believe that every being has a right to life and that's why we always f...

Volunteer teacher with children and students with disabilities

Country: Thailand · City: Pattaya

Volunteer with us and you will have memories that will last a lifetime. Volunteering at the Father Ray Foundation is different to most other opportunities. Here we do not ask you for any large fees, what we want is simple. We want enthusiastic volunteers to come and get involved. This is not a 9-5 M...

Help needed at Animal Sanctuary in Koh Samui Thailand

Country: Thailand · City: เกาะสมุย/ Ko Samui

Helping out in our small volunteer based charity organization is very rewarding, but can be challenging both physically and mentally. With that being said – you can learn so much personally and professionally during your time here! You'll be having fun with all the animals and other volunteers, in a...