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Country: Việt Nam · City: TP. Hà Giang

My daughter is good at English, but I think Speaking English is not enough. Each one has to know at least more than one language. So I choose Spainish for her to learn. I love spainish but I can't speak . My daughter is 8 years old. She is kind and friendly . If someone helps me, I will pay food, a...

Need volunteers in Ha Giang city

Country: Viet nam · City: Ha Giang

We are Jolly , An English center , is located in ha Giang city where has alot of beautiful landscapes . For a long time our students haven't had oppotunities to speak and listen English skills Because of covid. Now the goverment opened, foreigners can enter Vietnam. I hope volunteers to come my cent...

Need the Volunteers who can help us like photograper

Country: Vietnam · City: Thành phố Thủ Dầu Một

My name is Anna, Vietnamese name is Hue. I already had an education project to help the Kids 4-14 years old from children from low income families and low paid workers in rural areas of Binh Duong province, that are unable to afford English courses in other English Centers with High tuition fees. Be...

Experience a Homestay while teaching Kids English in Vietnam

Country: Vietnam · City: Ho Chi Minh

We are an education project to help the Children study English with Volunteers from many countries. The project is aimed at creating opportunities to learn English with native speaking English teachers for children from single mother families, children from poor families and low paid workers in rura...

Need help with our English Club in a rural area in Vietnam

Country: Việt Nam · City: Hai Phong

We are a group of English teachers in Vinh Bao District, which is a rural area in the southwest of Hai Phong, Viet Nam. We graduated from different universities, but we share a common interest in English and teaching English for children. We all had several years working in some other fields, in big...

Helping teaching English for student

Country: Viet nam · City: Ha giang

We always need volunteers come to help. Because the students here are always shy and no confident. They need to speak or know English, it is good for thrm in the future. Ha giang is so beautiful and peaceful city. When staying here you wi have alot of free time to go around and you will go the Loo...