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Eutopia Ecoaldea

Country: Perú · City: Reque

En Eutopía Ecoaldea continuamos con los brazos abiertos para invitarte a transitar en la experiencia de vida comunitaria, autogestionaria, solidaria y ecológica. Desde hace diez años, la Eutopía se construye en Reque, Lambayeque. En este espacio CREAMOS COMUNIDAD para desarrollar proyectos comunitar...

We are looking for soccer coaches for children's sports school.

Country: Perú · City: Lima

At quilcay club lurin we believe that sport is important for the training of children. That is why we have a social training program for minors where we teach them to work as a team. If you have knowledge of soccer and want to teach, we invite you to be part of our team and collaborate in the traini...

Craft beer hostel in the mountains

Country: Perú · City: Huaraz

I am looking for young people from 20 to 35 years old with a great attitude of bar and good traveling life for our small project in Huaraz Peru, with knowledge in tourism, gastronomy, gardening, agriculture, bartender, marketing, etc, etc.

Volunteering in Health within communities of the Andes of Peru that are living at risk and in extre

Country: Perú · City: El Tambo- Huancayo

We need people with experience in the areas of health, nursing, medicine, pharmaceutical, nutrition or alternative medicine, to help us promote our preventive health project, within communities or areas that suffer difficult economic situations in the central Peruvian Andes, is one of those areas af...

volunteering helping to improve the quality of life and education of children and women in Peru

Country: Perú · City: El Tambo- Huancayo

Minka, in the language of the Incas means reciprocal help, is a voluntary social work project that is helping many people of the Andean peoples improve their living situation because many of them are in a situation of extreme poverty and social exclusion , children lack adequate education or simply ...

Volunteering in sports and physical-emotional development in Peru

Country: Perú · City: El Tambo- Huancayo

We are a social project that works with disadvantaged families in extreme poverty in the Andes of Peru, we have a program that has a holistic approach that focuses on the educational, economic, emotional and social development of children, family and community. Our goal is to build the capacity of c...