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The REGISTRATION BUTTON can not be clicked

Your personal description is long enough, type at least 150 characters.

I didn't receive any CONFIRMATION EMAIL

Wait for a few minutes or check you spam folder.


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Nothing happens when you click the contact button? Try with another browser that can handle "javascript" better, we recommend Firefox.

Where to find my SENT MESSAGES?

VB doesn't save any of your messages to respect your privacy.

Where will I receive HOSTS' REPLIES?

Directly in your email, same address you use to login. Once again, privacy.

I can't login to UPDATE MY PROJECT

It's very likely that you listed your project without creating an user account first. Simply create a new account with the same email volunteers are writing you to. The system will automatically link your new account to any project listed with the same email and you will be able to manage it.


If for any reason you can't verify your identity using the methods suggested, please contact us to find other ways to verify you.