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Volunteer, intern, digital nomad, working holiday in Denmark?

Country: Denmark · City: Hovedgård

Description: Our Bed & Breakfast is situated in an old deanery (approx. 160 years old) in a small village. I am 59 years old, I live in an apartment at the B&B. My son who is 34 years old also lives at the B&B in one of the apartments. We are also using the house for other business-rel...

Help us run a small, cosy hostel in the heart of Aarhus, Denmark's second largest city.

Country: Denmark · City: Aarhus C

Do you want to be part of running the daily operations of a small, cosy hostel in the centre of Aarhus? Come and join us! The hostel is a really nice industrial building that used to be a ‘telephone central’, a place where people stories were connected. We intend to revive its old spirit in moder...

Natural building - help with wood construction in eco village, Denmark

Country: Danmark · City: Rønde

From August to November, I will be able to host 1-2 persons for 4-7 days. The work: Inside - wood construction and clay plaster. Outside - making it nice in front of the house with concrete tiles and stones and plants. This I can offer: Your own room. Mostly vegetarian diet + a little fish. Insigh...

EVS Vacancy in Denmark, Sustainable Living Lab, Period: 1.5. 2017- 1.3. 2018, 1.8. 2017- 1.6. 2018

Country: Denmark · City: Vig

We are currently looking for 2 volunteers in the month of May and another 2 volunteers in the month of August who are curious and keen to learn more about community building and living; yoga, meditation and personal development; healthy diet and lifestyle; vegetarian cooking; sustainable food growi...

Paint walls

Country: Denmark · City: Skanderborg

Hi! I need help to paint my home inside! I offer place to stay for 2,5 hours of work and dinner for 1 hour extra.

Volunteering in Scandinavia from May to September 2015

Country: Scandinavia

http://www.helpx.net/profile.asp?usercode=744333ZM Our dream summer is to be with motorhome in Scandinavia and learn culture and way of living Scandinavians:) We are happy to share informations from our countries our from our other travel experiences, work hard in fair conditions and jut have fun ...