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Upload a new cover photo Help us teach English in a rural Sisaket, Thailand!

Location: Sisaket, Thailand
Your help to improve the level of English will make a big impact on the student's future. With this volunteer experience, you will have the unique opportunity to teach in a public school in Thailand. Your day-to-day activities will mostly be teaching English and preparing some of the teaching material you want to use. The teachers in the school are more than happy to help you if you have any questions!


You will be teaching from Monday to Friday in a local public school in Sisaket. The school has two Thai teachers that teach English. The volunteer teachers will focus on communication and speaking. By providing a fun learning experience, the students gain a lot of confidence and practice their skills. The English teachers will attend the classes and help with anything you need. You can prepare your classes in the air-conditioned room at the school. The school provides you with all the teaching material you need.

We English to primary and secondary students for 20 hours a week. These hours are spread throughout the week. You will have enough time to prepare for your classes at the school.

Minimum stay 2 week


We contribute a daily fee of $9 that goes towards your food (3 yummy meals per day), lodging (dorms and private rooms), and utilities. Any residual is put towards growing the school and its projects.