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Teach English at our schools and Volunt2Thai Campus

Country: Thailand · City: Ban Nong Phong

Singles, families and couples are welcome! We're a relief project in the northeastern region in Issan. It aims to encourage the development of our region. Our goal is to help farmers and families, particularly the children, of the villages to build a better future. To achieve this, we teach them ...

Volunteer English (ESL/EFL) teacher

Country: Sri Lanka · City: Colombo 05

Want to do something that matters? Don't have any teaching experience? Worry not! Volunteer with SVS School for English in Sri Lanka and they'll give you all the training and materials you need to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of students. A small, non-profit school based in Colombo, S...

Learning by doing

Country: nepal · City: nuwakot

Project Description: The "Learning By Doing" project in agriculture is designed to provide hands-on learning experiences to farmers and aspiring agricultural enthusiasts. The goal is to equip participants with practical knowledge and skills to enhance agricultural productivity, sustainability, and i...

Teach English to Karen refugee students

Country: Myanmar · City: Kawthoolei (Karen State)

ဂီၤလါအဂ့z, I'm Angelica, and I work closely with higher education schools on the Thai-Myanmar border as a fundraiser coordinator. We serve mostly refugee and migrant students in the Thai refugee camps or in Kawthoolei (Karen state). If you’re passionate about teaching, the principal of the Kaw Moo R...

Nomad needs a volunteer for herding livestock in Mongolia

Country: Mongolia · City: Ulaanbaatar

Our family needs some volunteers who can help us for breeding our livestock. The volunteers who can live as Nomads in the traditional mongolian dwelling with us, need to help us to take care of livestock, milk cows and produce dairy products and etc. , WORKING ARRANGEMENT depends on season in Mon...

Upload a new cover photo Help us teach English in a rural Sisaket, Thailand!

Country: Thailand · City: Sisaket

Your help to improve the level of English will make a big impact on the student's future. With this volunteer experience, you will have the unique opportunity to teach in a public school in Thailand. Your day-to-day activities will mostly be teaching English and preparing some of the teaching materi...