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Volunteer Veterinary Staff

Country: Thailand · City: Koh Samui

On the tropical island of Koh Samui, Thailand, you’ll encounter many stray dogs and cats wandering the beaches and streets. Due to a lack of an ongoing maintenance sterilization program, these dogs and cats breed unrestrained, causing stress to human-animal relations, injuries, and premature deaths....

Join Open Experimantal Community Education System in Damak, Jhapa, Nepal

Country: Nepal · City: Damak

Namaskar, and Welcome to The Joon Family This project is not associated with any government, religion, country, business, gender, NGOs, INGOs, or any group or organization. It is a very independent project working with like-minded people from around the world. The Project is about Redesigning Syst...

Need volunteers in Ha Giang city

Country: Viet nam · City: Ha Giang

We are Jolly , An English center , is located in ha Giang city where has alot of beautiful landscapes . For a long time our students haven't had oppotunities to speak and listen English skills Because of covid. Now the goverment opened, foreigners can enter Vietnam. I hope volunteers to come my cent...

Girl To Help In Social Networks And Photos

Country: Sri Lanka · City: Kalpitiya

We are starting in this project, we can give house and food, the schedule would be very flexible 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon many days only with two hours in the morning would be! If I were a committed person, I could learn kitesurfing for Free, (COMMITTED)

Help at Ski Resort Hotel

Country: Japan · City: Rusutsu

Help at ski resort small hotel and restaurant. Restaurant work, front desk, snow clearing etc. International drivers license. Work visa or working holiday visa. Accommodation provided. Other details please contact us http://rusutsulodges.com Lodge is at Rusutsu Ski Area in Hokkaido, Japan. Ru...

Welcome at Walden Farm

Country: China · City: Qinglian

The Lin family has worked this land for around 400 years, according to the last surviving records, where we found that our ancestors migrated from Hubei province to Jiuling Town in Sichuan province. On our small plot of land, we originally harvested crops like rice, corn and vegetables as well as a ...