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Teach English to Karen refugee students

Location: Kawthoolei (Karen State), Myanmar
ဂီၤလါအဂ့z, I'm Angelica, and I work closely with higher education schools on the Thai-Myanmar border as a fundraiser coordinator. We serve mostly refugee and migrant students in the Thai refugee camps or in Kawthoolei (Karen state). If you’re passionate about teaching, the principal of the Kaw Moo Rah Junior College (KMJC) is welcoming English teachers at his school!

The KMJC itself is located in Kawthoolei (the Karen state, but the school is actually right on the Thai border). This school plays an important role in preparing the next generation of leaders among ethnic minorities in Myanmar. The higher education schools in the refugee camps and Kawthoolei place emphasis on critical thinking skills and help students develop the confidence and skills that they need to make a difference within their communities. Many students are extremely motivated to learn English because of the opportunities it opens. One is that they're able to advocate more about the refugee crisis in Myanmar to an international audience, they can potentially apply for further studies abroad, be prepared for resettlement to a third country, or work in NGOs or organizations in Thailand/Karen state that require English fluency.


The principal of the KMJC is looking for help teaching English at his post-secondary school. They're looking for helpers who will be willing to stay for at least 5 months (1 semester at the school). You will be teaching an English and Research Skills class (mostly working on speaking, listening, and writing skills) for students between 18-22 years old. For almost all of these students, this is the first time that they are being immersed in an English speaking campus.

No teaching experience is required but it is preferable! A curriculum will be provided that you can follow but you are welcome and encouraged to incorporate your own ideas or any other relevant teaching topics. Each class is about an hour long, and you'll have 2 classes a day Monday-Friday.


You'll be sleeping in a hut on a mat. Pillows, blankets, and mosquito nets will be provided.

The bathroom situation is cold water bucket showers (it's really hot over there all year long, so honestly it will be really refreshing at the end of the day) and squat toilets.

Meals will be provided to you throughout your stay. You'll be both cooking with staff but also during lunch on the weekdays, students are running the dining halls so they'll be serving you and the rest of the campus.

A majority of the students and teachers are ethnic minorities from Myanmar (primarily ethnic Karen). Alongside the teachers and students, they'll teach you how to cook Karen food, teach you some of the Karen language, and share customs/culture. Of course, you'll gain a lot of teaching experience yourself, too! Working with these students and teachers, you will likely hear a lot of very personal stories regarding Myanmar's very complicated political situation and history.
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