Experience desert lifesyle with Bedouins

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Location: Wadi Rum, Jordan


Volunteers will have an amazing chance to experience real Bedouin lifestyle in heart of the Middle East- Jordan and Wadi Rum.
Tasks: Volunteers will be asked to daily answer e-mails, update facebook page and web-site..I can imagine how boring it seems so far, but don't worry- it would take just around 2 hours per day and sometimes even non! Often, of course as volunteer prefer, there will be chance to sleep outside in the desert next to the fire, or join the Jeep tour or camel ride. Mostly volunteers will stay in Rum village, in house with internet connection and separate rooms.
2 days per week will be free, volunteer can spend these days in the village or visiting Petra (120km), Aqaba (70km) or capital- Amman (300km).
We will provide volunteer with 3 meals per day, food can be vegetarian friendly. Cuisine will mostly be Arabic.
Length of stay: min 2 weeks - max 2 months.
Very good level of written and spoken English is a must! Volunteers will have chance to learn some spoken Arabic.

For more information:
[email protected]

  • Experience desert lifesyle with Bedouins
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