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The "Jeftlek" farm - Jordan

Location: Amman, Jordan
Enjoy the farm spring … The "Jeftlek" farm is an organic olive farm located 45km from Amman, in Jerash mountains-Jordan. The farm has besides Olives, fruit trees and grows seasonal vegetables. Sheep, Geese, Ducks, Turkey and Chicken are also bred in the farm and are allowed to graze free. The farm has an Eco lodge that provides lodging and organic food for the farm. The Jeftlek farm is making preparation for " Enjoy the farm spring" season. Spring season starts around March 1st till mid of June, and includes activities as preparing the land for spring and summer planting, watering, field crops harvesting, shepherding and taking care of newly born sheep and chicken, and some house keeping works. We are looking for (6-8) volunteers who love to experience the farm spring to participate in these activities. Volunteers who can stay for longer periods are preferred. Shared lodging (2 persons per room) and organic food is provided. Work is around 6-8 hours/ day (5-6) days/ week. Volunteers will have free time to visit Dibeen's forests, Jerash mountains, and Jerash archaeological sites. If you love traveling to new places, meeting new people, and have a passion toward nature, please provide a brief of your farming experience (if you have) and specify the period and the length of your desired stay and send it to us

Organic Principles: We harvest rain water, environment friendly farm house collects gray water,organic fertilization
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