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We need help to setting up a camp for children clous to Cluj-Napoca/Transilvania

Country: ROMANIA · City: Turda

. We have a family farm and we are partners and host for various free programs and events for children and community .We need help to setting up/ improvement a camp for children , and we will need help also, on community events and with children summer school activities . The farm is located near se...

Discover Transylvania and help a young family to build a 30 square meter lodge.

Country: Romania · City: Zarnesti

This project is going to be a first for us and we would appreciate any help that we can receive. We are going to offer accommodation, food and all the necessary thing for a good stay. Because we never did something like this will be guided by a pro in the field of building Eco. Here you find a websi...

Cleaner in rural hotel

Country: Romania · City: Breb Maramures

We need someone to join our small team and help out with cleaning the traditional houses and also help with the washing and ironing.

EVS opportunity in Romania

Country: Romania · City: Nocrich

Deadline: 15.11.2014 Documents: CV, cover letter Contact: [email protected] INFO PACK: http://bit.ly/1tulFi7 Website: http://www.nocrich.scout.ro/evs-romania ONLY for Portuguese and Czech applicants Great opportunity for self-development in Sibiu, Romania. Spend 9 months in a place full of history a...

Helping out in a buffalo farm in Transylvania!

Country: Romania · City: Drauseni

Hello! We are a buffalo farm situated in the heart of Transylvania and now in a need of helping hands. If you have skills in carpentry or building, or you have a strong experience with horses and general wish to be a part of the farm contributing your strength and skills to it - don't hesitate to co...

Eco Lounge

Country: Romania · City: Gurahont

Reshaping a former military base in a pro/creative manner could be a challanging task...www.facebook.com/alibabaharem A big house,3 ha of forrest+2 ha of land available...