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EVS opportunity in Romania

Location: Nocrich, Romania
Deadline: 15.11.2014
Documents: CV, cover letter
Contact: [email protected]
INFO PACK: http://bit.ly/1tulFi7
Website: http://www.nocrich.scout.ro/evs-romania
ONLY for Portuguese and Czech applicants

Great opportunity for self-development in Sibiu, Romania. Spend 9 months in a place full of history and wonders of nature, that somehow manages to keep a metropolitan and contemporary feel. Our organisation has been hosting foreign volunteers from all over the world for the past 4 years and would now like to welcome you in our young and energetic team, where you can bring your contribution to creating a better world!

Activities will involve the planning and implementation of non-formal educational programs and activities with children aged 5-11 and youth between 12-18 years old. Carrying out foreign language lessons with the youth from the community will also be an important part of the programme, as well as helping with the promotion of the centre by writing articles, using social media and creating program ideas and elements for future visitors.

Last, but certainly not least, this project wants to facilitate the volunteers’ development by allowing them to use their personal qualities, skills and strengths and making them flourish in a challenging environment. The way we want to make this happen is by supporting the volunteers in implementing their own projects during the 9 months of their stay in Romania. These can address either the needs of the young generation in Nocrich village, or those of the various scout groups and visitors that come to our centre on a regular basis.
EVS opportunity in Romania