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Helpers for Building with Wood/Permaculture

Country: Germany · City: Hildburghausen

Hey there! We are looking for handy helpers for building furniture, painting and building with earth/clay, gardening etc! We have started a communal living project in beautiful Thuringia, Germany. We have a free shop with different events. There's also a big garden with lots of fruits and vegetables...

Stay at the Ecologic Woodhouse in North Germany

Country: Deutschland · City: Bosau

Our family needs help with gardening (caring for the beet, cutting weeds, cutting hedges) and caring for the animals. Any construction or creative skills are also very welcome! We also welcome any martial arts, yoga, reiki or other skills! We have several private rooms available during winter. The k...

Beekeeping, eco(re)construction of an old farmhouse, personal exchange

Country: Deutschland · City: Wettin-Löbejün

We transform an ancient farm barn into a Beekeepers service centre. Doing so we use a broad range of traditional and new technologies in a manner we think it fits best to our time and our project. The meaning of our ideas is to live in harmony with local resources. Currently i am mounting solar...

Help and deepen your spirituality at our meditation and retreat center

Country: Germany · City: Hoisdorf

We are a small meditation and retreat center located near Hamburg, Germany. (www.littleparadise.de) The center is focused on providing an environment to meditate, go inwards, calm down and reconnect with oneself and the Sacred in the inner and outer. It is a place of stillness and peace, and perfect...

Riding academy and Guesthouse in Schneverdingen

Country: Germany · City: Schneverdingen

Help me build a great place! Located near Hamburg, Bremen and Hannover, the riding academy lies in the beautiful "Lüneburger Heide" in lower saxony, germany. Our main goal ist to practice historical riding from epochs of rennaisance, baroque and classicism. We do not perfom horse sports here, but s...


Country: Germany · City: Berlin

Our company is expanding its website in English, German, French and Arabic. We ask for help from those who are fluent in English or German or French or Arabic. The room is private. Breakfast is up to the company. The duration of the visit is 7 days. Our company's activities are in the design and con...