Beekeeping, eco(re)construction of an old farmhouse, personal exchange

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Location: Wettin-Löbejün, Deutschland


We transform an ancient farm barn into a Beekeepers service center. Doing so we use a
broad range of traditional and new technologies in a manner we think it fits best to our time and our project. The meaning of our ideas is to live in harmony with local resources.

This year there is indoor work like floor parquet and wall finishing, plastering in clay and lime, outdoor wall construction, carpentry and woodwork, and of course beekeeping (10 hives, to be extended). Besides beekeeping we do not farming.

We have a beautiful old house with private guest rooms to stay, shared kitchen and bathroom, we offer food and accommodation, merely vegetarian but not only, good honey is always on table.

First thing we expect from volunteers is willingness to learn by practice, we have in the past arrived a lot of good things only based on peoples good will. Sometimes there is the need to redo things already finished but this doesn't matter as long as everybody is happy with the final result. Normally we ask about Your interests, but we also hope You will accept other jobs if we can explain to You the necessity of it to be done. Working time on weekdays between 8 and 15 but only 20-25 hours per week. Of course You are free to do more if You are interested. Regularly one hour lunch rest. I will look to stay with You on working.

Languages german (of curse)
french, english, spanish a little bit and russian from school quite lost but always interested to retrieve.
Stay at least one week up to 12 weeks so that we can really meet. Depending on the project requirements we would accept up to 3 persons in same time.

Bees are living all around so it would be better not to be afraid of them.
Bicycle is to borrow. Next shop is 6 km. Very small village, beautiful nature around, swimming and canoeing in the nearby river . Leipzig is 70km, Berlin is 200km away.
No dogs and no smoking in house, dislike fag butts on ground. Our nightlife is very limited as Karin is getting up early in the morning for external work 4 days the week.

contact: info(at)

  • Beekeeping, eco(re)construction of an old farmhouse, personal exchange
  • Beekeeping, eco(re)construction of an old farmhouse, personal exchange
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