Helpers for Building with Wood/Permaculture

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Location: Hildburghausen, Germany


Hey there!
We are looking for handy helpers for building furniture, painting and building with earth/clay, gardening etc! We have started a communal living project in beautiful Thuringia, Germany. We have a free shop with different events. There's also a big garden with lots of fruits and vegetables that we are working on transitioning towards permaculture and setting up a food forest. If you like to propagate plants you can help us set up a tree nursery.

The house is very spacious and you can have a private or communal sleeping room. We are planning to redesign some of the rooms, thats why we would appreciate handy helpers that can help with painting and building furniture.
You can also help in the free shop with sorting things or in the garden.

We speak english and german fluently. Helpers are always welcome and delicious vegeterian/vegan food will be provided:)

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