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Help revive a beautiful historic castle in the countryside of Paris, France

Country: France · City: Soisy-Bouy

We're a small group which is reviving a beautiful historic castle in the countryside of Paris. It offers a large guest area and rooms that we'd like to renovate. The guest rooms, which are already fully furnished, we'll rent out to holiday guests (as before). We'll invest the rental income in the fu...

Tarentaise, France

Country: France · City: 73600

Plenty of freedom to enjoy the mountains, Little work. For as long or as little time as you choose. An occational extra pair of hands required (for safety reasons usually) 200m2+ large building partially renovated. Your iaccomodation is the clearing that you make in the interior 'cobwebs' that you t...

Homesteading and general maintenance

Country: France · City: Montjoi

Hey there! We need some help doing generral maintenance and homesteading this spring! We just celebrated the birth of our new son, and we need some help to take care of the place around here. General maintenance for old buildings, landscaping, pruning trees, etc. And the vegetable garden always nee...

Plenty of house chores in Aigues Mortes France

Country: France · City: Aigues mortes

We need someone who can do some cleaning cooking gardening improvements around the house and take care of a dog plus other little stuff... :)

I bought a small "castle" 100km away from Paris and I need help in the final stages of renovation -

Country: France · City: Serbonnes

2 years ago, I bought a small "castle" 100km away from Paris that had been turned into an old aged home for the last 40 years. The building had been largely damaged. Around the building there is an 8 acres grounds, which I'm turning into a permaculture land. For the last 15 months I've been renovati...

Painting and DIY for two weeks in January

Country: France · City: Siran 34210

Hello, We are seeking one or two people to help us do some painting, simple DIY and clearing up. Not overly intensive work as the house is mostly decorated but we have jobs we need to finish to make the house presentable. Work required is mostly painting to a high standard a little hammering and sa...