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Location: CHABEUIL, France
hello, we are a eco farm renovation, experimental place where every one can become more intelligent in the link with Nature ,
It is a small place, so all sorts of different tasks.
You can spend part of the day helping in what ever there is to do and another part choosing a projet that you would like to do, build, design, experiment, decorate, organize, or what ever as long as it will enrich the place or the next visitors !
you will have 1 and 1/2 day free. more if you don't eat here during that time. ( for example if you go to lyon for 2 days to visit etc...)
It is better that you are quite independant, capable to handel a task by yourself.
You will participate to the cooking, even if you have never done it you will be challenged to cook somethings...at turns...!
So you can be creative and share your skills, it will be nice and fun....
One thing is that you must be ok with vegetarian food, no smoking and no alcool....
If you wish to experiment heartfulness meditation, we will coach you and dedicate quite some time so that you can get on the road with it !