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Learning by doing

Location: nuwakot , nepal
Project Description: The "Learning By Doing" project in agriculture is designed to provide hands-on learning experiences to farmers and aspiring agricultural enthusiasts. The goal is to equip participants with practical knowledge and skills to enhance agricultural productivity, sustainability, and innovation. This project will focus on various aspects of agriculture, including crop cultivation, soil management, and Traditional agricultural technologies.
To empower farmers and individuals with practical knowledge and skills in agriculture through hands-on activities.
To promote sustainable agricultural practices that improve crop yield and quality.
To foster innovation in agriculture by introducing Nepali traditional technologies and techniques.
To create a supportive learning environment that encourages experimentation and sharing of experiences among participants.
Implementation Plan:
Workshops and Demonstrations: Organize regular workshops and field demonstrations to cover various agricultural activities such as: a. Crop selection and planning based on local climate and soil conditions. b. Soil preparation, nutrient management, and composting techniques. c. Efficient water management and irrigation practices. d. Integrated pest management to reduce chemical use and promote natural pest control methods. e. Introduction to traditional agricultural technologies like precision farming, hydroponics, and vertical farming.
Hands-on Activities: Provide participants with opportunities to engage in practical farming activities. Allocate small plots of land for them to cultivate crops under guidance and supervision. Encourage participants to implement the techniques learned during workshops.
Farmer-to-Farmer Learning: Organize peer-learning sessions where experienced farmers share their success stories, challenges, and best practices. This will foster knowledge exchange and create a strong sense of community among participants.
Field Visits and Exposure: Arrange visits to successful agricultural farms or research centers to expose participants to innovative farming practices and technologies. Learning from real-life examples can inspire and motivate participants to experiment and adopt new methods.
Collaboration with Agricultural Experts: Collaborate with agricultural experts, agronomists, and local agricultural extension offices to provide valuable insights and guidance to participants. Invite them to conduct specialized workshops and share their expertise.
Record Keeping and Evaluation: Encourage participants to maintain records of their farming activities, noting their experiences, challenges, and results. Regularly evaluate the progress of the participants and provide feedback to help them improve their techniques.
Community Outreach: Organize community events or exhibitions to showcase the outcomes of the project. Encourage participants to share their experiences and knowledge with others in the community, promoting a culture of continuous learning.
Long-term Support: Offer continued support and resources even after the project's completion. Establish a network or online platform where participants can connect, share updates, and seek advice from each other.
By implementing the "Learning By Doing" project in agriculture, participants will gain practical skills, build confidence in their farming abilities, and contribute to the advancement of sustainable and innovative agricultural practices in their communities.


5 to 6 hours


Accommodation and food