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Be a Summer Camp Counsellor in Transylvania (Romania)

Location: IGHIU, Romania

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We are inviting you to spend this summer (together with other 30 international volunteers) at our SUMMER CAMP for AWESOME KIDS, located in Transylvania, Romania.
DURATION - May - September, 2023

Dear friends,

We want to invite you to spend the next summer at our CAMP for AWESOME KIDS (together with more than 20 international volunteers), in the unique and beautiful region of Transylvania, Romania.

Here we want you to feel at home, as you join a fantastic team of leaders that will have lots of fun, create magic together, and inspire young generations to live with passion!

We use English as our main language for activities but get ready to learn some Romanian words and expressions as you go.
Please take some minutes to mindfully read these paragraphs as we have prepared them to give you a big and clear picture of the Life at Camp.

We would LOVE to have you here because:

+ With your mindful presence and contribution, we will create a multicultural environment that allows all members to cooperate and grow, as we lead groups of children through a fun and inspiring experience.
+ You can share your stories, energy, and ideas to make Camp a unique experience every week. Our kids will love to meet you and learn from you as much as they can, from your personality to your country’s culture and all the creativity and activities you propose. We will do our best to support those ideas you bring in.
+ We need your help to empower our children and teens by becoming a role model to them, teaching them good values and habits that can transform their lives while creating long lasting memories and friendships.
+ We want to bring the World to the children of Romania, which come from every corner of the country. Give them the chance to see life from different perspectives and connect with you as this exchange happens.
- You can share your talents, abilities, and energy, as you develop leadership, communication, and teamwork skills. You will also get to challenge yourself and connect with like-minded people.

So please consider joining us in this ambitious and certainly rewarding mission!

OTHER GREAT REASONS to come here...

+ ROMANIA IS BEAUTIFUL, and its people are extremely WELCOMING! You will come to the center of the country, the region of Transylvania, and you will live in a small village located 15 minutes away from Alba Iulia, a slow-paced city with a wonderful UNESCO Site.
+ Your meals and accommodation are FULLY COVERED. We also can provide meals to vegetarian/vegan people.
+ It's a FUN and EXCITING project: You will have freedom and support to design and implement camp’s activities that fit your area of skill and experience. Campers are between 6 and 17 years old. You will enjoy from outdoor games and sports to arts and crafts and dances. Team building challenges and talent shows as well, without forgetting our special Campfire and Carnival nights.
+ You will have the opportunity to join some daytrips and hikes in the free time, free of charge (transport and entrance). By bus we will take you to places like an Aquapark with slides and a swimming pool, an Adventure High Ropes Park, a waterfall hike, and possibly some sites like the Ramet Monastery or Trascau Mountains.
+ NEW FRIENDS are waiting for you, since you will live and work together with other young volunteers from all over the world, you will have the opportunity to make connections and enjoy this experience together, both during activities and during your free time.
+ A lot of our volunteers keep coming back summer after summer, so it might not be the last time we see each other :)
+ The Camp site IS AMAZING, it has everything we need, a lot of facilities and it’s located in a nice and charming village, surrounded by countryside landscapes and nature.

+ We saved the best reason for you to be here, for the end: Our CHILDREN. They are amazing, very energetic, smart, with smiling and grateful faces, they connect with international leaders very easily and you will be their idol as soon as they see you!
Trust us, it’s been proved already, be ready to feel like a famous star and sign lots of t-shirts at the end of each Camp! :)
Be a Summer Camp Counsellor in Transylvania (Romania)