As requested by many users, an identity verification system is available for HOSTS & VOLUNTEERS.
The following logo will be displayed in verified profiles and verified projects.

[ Examples: Profile & Project ]


To verify your ID a donation is required to match your name with the payment information.
All donations help keeping this project alive! :)

Use the information bellow or the DONATION PAGE to make yours.

Volunteers Base

EUROS: DE92100110012623390997 - BIC: NTSBDEB1XXX

EUROS: LT143250026275558182 - BIC: REVOLT21

US DOLLARS: 9600000000054467 - ACH: 084009519

BRITISH POUNDS: 08182264 - SortCode: 040075


Send your donation as "Friend & Family" to

To pay with your card use the links bellow:

€ EUROS <- PayPal -> $ DOLLARS


After you have sent your donation via bank transfer or PayPal, use the form bellow to request ID verification.
Your personal information will be matched and your profile will be verified.

ID Verification Request