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Lend a hand while completely immersed in nature at Cara Creek Eco Lodge

Country: Portugal · City: Coimbra

We are opening on the 1st of June and still have a lot of work to do! We could use a hand with some last minute jobs, like finishing some building and construction projects. Apart from finishing the project itself, we need help with a number of daily jobs around the site, like cleaning, cooking and ...

Into the Wild ECO glampsite seeking helping hands

Country: Portugal · City: Budens

Dear volunteer. Our journey started with a search for an adventurous, off-grid lifestyle in Portugal. A calling to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. After 4 years of intensive work, we (Sonya & Dave) felt ready to make the next step this meant opening our doors to let volunteers, and gu...

Help out at a canoe company

Country: Portugal · City: Oliveira do hospital

I am looking for volunteers to make a 4 px team. Located in Central Portugal assisting canoeists prepare for their canoeing Or kayak activity. Also work on gardening projects and help general cleaning and maintainance.

Porto - Need help rebuilding and maintaining a 150 years old house.

Country: Portugal · City: Porto

Description I live in Porto city, North of Portugal and need help restoring my old house with everything that you can think of. At the moment I live with 6 guest (I rent rooms, long stays). Because I'm just one I, need help to maintain all the house and garden, clean and usable and always improvin...

Help Needed in Arrochela central Portugal

Country: Portugal · City: Serta

Hello I'm Owen. Move to Portugal over a year ago. My project is to have the farm fully self sufficient. I'm now here on my own, and looking for volunteers I'm trying to create veg plots. I have plenty of fruit trees. Looking into bringing more medicinal plants in. I can offer food. Im a former cook...

Help needed for growing lovely global farm project

Country: Portugal · City: São João Dos Montes

Our main tasks for this year in this 2.5 hec land are: - Building eco-constructions for animals and humans, - Develop & enlarge the permacultural and agricultural garden & land (planting trees, plants etc...), - Taking care of the animals and the children.