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Backpackers English Cafe want to look for volunteers at Danang, Vietnam

Country: Việt Nam · City: Danang

We are Backpackers English Speaking Cafe in Danang Vietnam!! we need volunteers who can work at our english cafe!! Backpackers cafe is working very well and We want to have more one partner and employed foreigners we can exchange languages, cultures together!!! We are an English speaking cafe nonp...

Helping in the restaurant, diving school and language school and many more things

Country: Vietnam · City: Doung Dong

Hi, I'm Thuy Ngoc Le and I'm living on Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam. I'm running a small restaurant and homestay at the beautiful beach close to the Chen Sea Resort on Phu Quoc. I have many plans for the future to optimize my business and to make it sustainable. I just finished with some friends the fir...

Sapa O’Chau Centre - Vietnam

Country: Vietnam · Region: Lao Cai · City: Sapa Town

www.sapaochau.org https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qp1Ii8qBfwA Sapa O’Chau Centre. As of January 2012, the Centre accommodates 35 Sapa O’Chau students and providies daily support for over 70. Most are from Black H’mong villages, but some are from Red Dao and other minority villages. Our resident stu...