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Magical Experienced Gardener/Permaculture Specialist Needed in Busuanga, Philippines

Location: Busuanga, Philippines

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Hello there,

I am looking for someone who has experience in designing permaculture systems in tropical places who would be willing to teach hands-on education & real world implementation of long-term/sustainable systems. I am located in Busuanga, Palawan, Philippines.

I will house you and be your friend!

I am a conscious and free-thinker, magical being, very into music, dance, art and all things spiritual, occult, mystical. Love is Truth. Stand up for your boundaries. Have integrity.

About Me

I am a 31 year old Filipino-American woman who is returning to my mom's home island to start a big project on land that we own.

I am envisioning organic food, farm-to-table restaurant/cafe, permaculture practices.

A holistic and healing retreat center. Sound Healing. Yoga. Arts Therapy. Studio Spaces.

I will be building my own sound system at a certain point. There will be a music venue someday. And eventually, host a conscious music & arts festival!

I am a very open-minded, loving, excitable, well-traveled woman who has a very big vision in mind.

I believe in Karma. Bring the good vibes and good vibes will be returned to you.

We are one human tribe, so treat each other accordingly!

Permaculture specialist, experienced gardeners, landscape architects, etc.

Site walks, landscape design, teaching me/locals how to do installation, working beside us to do installations, planting, preparation, helping to create supply sheets, helping create the vision for the land. We'll do it together, envisioning, building, planting, scheming, dreaming.

You choose your own hours. You agree to complete the project that we design together before you leave! I won't micromanage you, but I expect a fair energy exchange!


Hello fellow permaculture specialist or gardener friend!

If you are here, then you are willing to exchange your time, knowledge & energy for housing/food/community vibes.

I am looking for volunteers who genuinely know how to implement the following...

You can read the landscape & assess my property for its productive potential. How to catch/store resources, grouping components together to maximize efficiency.

Asisst in facilitating my vision, by teaching myself & locals HOW to build systems & then actually build them while you are here.

You can help me create a site plan that my team & I can implement ourselves, as well as planting plans for defined areas.

You can plant things and have a green thumb.

You are willing to meet with me on video to see each other first and feel out our energies, see if we are good match.

Together we create a realistic goal that can be completed by the end of your stay.

Much love!


One bedroom indoors next to mine! A/C, double bed. Indoor bathroom, outdoor kitchen. Food is 250php/day
Magical Experienced Gardener/Permaculture Specialist Needed in Busuanga, Philippines