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Help needed at an eco- campsite and eco guesthouse

Country: malaysia · City: gopeng, perak

Radak Adventure (www.radakadventure.com) is a small company, operating outdoor adventure activities in Gopeng, Perak, Malaysia. We provide services such as white water rafting, waterfall abseiling, cave exploration, mountaineering, outdoor team building and event management. We have a small area wh...

All Women’s Action Society - Malaysia

Country: Malaysia · Region: Selangor · City: Petaling Jaya

http://www.awam.org.my/ http://www.facebook.com/AWAMMalaysia The All Women’s Action Society (AWAM) is an autonomous feminist group that is dedicated to helping women in Malaysia improve their lives. AWAM is a staunch advocate for the improvement of policies and legislation governing gender-related...

SOHOland: Sharing Economy for Live-Work-Travel-Learn-Play (LW-T-LP) Lifestyle

Country: Malaysia · City: Kuala Lumpur

IMPORTANT: please ONLY contact us using our website http://soholand-collaborative.com/contact-us/ We are promoter of Sharing Economy (collaborative consumption) and currently an active place-maker of environment / lifestyle (a cross of home-stay, business center and "hackerspace") that integrates L...

Kebun Kalleo Farm - Malaysia

Country: Malaysia · City: Kesang Pajak

Kebun Kalleo is managed by the Sojourners and Farmers, Inn and Christine. Their desire is to see Kebun Kalleo becoming a place of solace, where people would enjoy God's lovely creation. The Farmers desire to live a quiet life-style, the kind that is left ignored by the over technologically connected...

Organic Farm in KL - Malaysia

Country: Malaysia · City: Kuala Lumpur

Organic vegetables & fruit farm at a suburb of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. More than 60 varieties of tropical vegetables, fruit & herbs are grown on 10 acres since 1994. Regularly, upon booking, we operate farm visit,yoga & buffet programs for consumers. Small food processing for sale, too. ...