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Help around home in Keaʻau Hawaiʻi

Location: keaau, United States

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Aloha Everyone! 

Kanaloa Farm and intentional community is rooted in sustainability. Living off the land, creating community, communication, play, dance, acroyoga, community meals, beach, adventures! We are a small but simple community living peacefully and in harmony with the land.

Beginning - Kanaloa is the goddess of the ocean in Hawaiian mythology. Named after Kana who is the queen dog at the farm. She inspired and formed the loving bond through her licks, cuddles and balltime. Kanaloa farm is situated on 1 acres in Hawaiian Paradise Park in Kea'au Hawaii. Kanaloa farm is in its infancy and by no means perfect. Rome wasn't built in a day!

Philosophy - To create community, feed the community, come together as community; through blessings of the land.

Phase 1 2019- 5 committed members. Build cabin for living quarters, expand 2 bedrooms, bathroom, and communal kitchen. Build more garden beds, steady flow of produce, Rock wall and gated entrance to Kanaloa farm. Create a solid community base.

Phase 2 2020- 10 committed members. Pay off loans. To expand from 1acre to 2acres. Create community dinners for ourselves and those that walk through our doors. Sprout thousands of seedlings into the 'aina (land) that cultivate and nourish ourselves and the 'aina we take care of. Generate income for the community to thrive and live. Create week long acroyoga retreats.

Phase 3 2021- 15-20 committed members. Purchase 3 acres to continue to grow the community. Build more housing. Bulldoze forest to create more land space. Bring in soil, mulch, cinder to be 100% sustainable.

Phase 4 2021- Whatever you want?!

Work Trade - Open to living and thriving in the community where we work together on various projects. 15hrs a week for amenities (internet, power, flushing toilet, shelter). You provide your own tent and food. Your first week is a trial period

Hard working - You thrive on projects and completing tasks and share the vision of the community. Dedicated to help building from the ground up.

Committed - You pride yourself on living a life of service. You are eager to work, complete chores and day to day responsibilities (praying with your hands) with presence, mindfulness, and enthusiasm.

-No Drugs, smoking, or heavy alcohol consumption will be permitted here.
-15hrs of honest hard work weekly
-Keep common areas neat, tidy, and free of personal objects
-Communicate effectively your needs, desires, feelings.
-Voices to a whisper while I am in session with patients (I work from home)
-Kitchen cleanliness is part of community living and not counted towards your hours.
-Consequences - 3 strikes your out.

Seeking- Carpenters, and builders. Currently building a cabin for living quarters. Roofing and construction experience a plus. Yard work, weed pulling, planting seeds maintaining the garden. Cutting forest back and removing invasive species. House chores.

Drug and alcohol free - You are committed to creating, practicing, and sustaining elevated states of consciousness, loving connection, truthfulness and transparency without the use of substances.

Spiritual Practice - Your committed to your own personal spiritual practice.
We are thriving and building deep connections in community with other people and work to strengthen our own beliefs and self progress.

We strive to live a healthy lifestyle away from self destructive and self harming actions. This farm community is a place of healing, healing through food, Healing through laughter, Healing through love. Healing through gardening. To make Kanaloa farm thrive and continue to grow, Air bnb is the main source of income to make this happen. Maintaining it is the bedrock foundation to cultivate love and community.
Our community is in its infancy, we are by no means perfect, we are a work in progress. We welcome ideas, learning and living in a community, for committed, opened hearted, dedicated individuals that agree with our values. I am creating this community to bring together what has been lost in modern society, community. We are looking for like minded, responsible, communicative, hard working adults.
All genders, religions, beliefs, socioeconomic status, ethnicities, sexual orientation, diets are accepted here!

If you feel inspired with what you have read we are looking for you! Send us a message and lets manifest a future together.

Help around home in Keaʻau Hawaiʻi Help around home in Keaʻau Hawaiʻi Help around home in Keaʻau Hawaiʻi Help around home in Keaʻau Hawaiʻi
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