Help needed in Granada, Spain

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Location: Granada, Spain


Hi we are in the middle of work mode to create a place people can come and experience flamenco here in Granada,... we are in Sacromente, the heart of Granada's flamenco community where we have a small holding of land with various residential caves and a little house with direct views of the Alhambra,... we live in one of the caves and you would be staying in the house opposite us, which is very cute ... we would provide you with the basics veggies etc and you would make your own food though likely sometimes we will eat together ... my partner is a flamenco dancer and there is a maestro flamenco guitarist living next door too ... we are looking for someone, preferably with some construction skills although not essential so long as they are a good strong pair of hands and into manual labour, gardening moving materials around the site and happy to work 5 hours a day ..

  • Help needed in Granada, Spain
  • Help needed in Granada, Spain
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