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Charity Garden Volunteer

Location: SN119NH Calne, United Kingdom
Come and help in our charity to help maintain a very interesting landscaped garden incl fishpond, many different plant collections, cottage garden, statues, vegetable garden, fruit garden, greenhouses, woodland area, beach, waterfalls, fountains etc.

No previous skills are needed as you will be guided and instructed.

You need to be male, age 18 to 28 and from somewhere in the European Union (or USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan).

You can come for a maximum of 30 days.


The maximum time you will be helping will be approximately 4 hours on 5 mornings (Monday to Friday) a week. But this is flexible so if you wanted to go away for four or five days visiting other parts of England then he would simply help out for three hours on two afternoons.


Accommodation is in a single bedroom with small table, large window, unlimited WiFi.

You get 3 meals a day plus coffee tea etc. You are encouraged to join your host to watch television of an evening, go to a pub in town one evening a week, and also go for walks. Your host will also take you on a half day excursion once a week to interesting historical sites.

There is a fully equipped gymnasium onsite in its own building in the garden for use by volunteers. There is also use of a bicycle. And a guitar.

There's a bus every 20 minutes from outside the house to the nearest town and railway station (which is only 12 minutes away).
Charity Garden Volunteer Charity Garden Volunteer Charity Garden Volunteer Charity Garden Volunteer