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Learn all about dairy farming in Istanbul

Location: Istanbul,Silivri,Büyükçavuşlu, Turkey
We are a very hard working Turkish couple running a dairy farm since 2000.

Our operation is designed as a 200 head conventional dairy however we are trying to stop the monocultural,industrial way of producing.We are what we eat and we are after;economical,ecological and social sustainability.We there are willing to evolve our business into a more ecological farm.Our herd is the first "free of disease herd" in istanbul and we come clean since 9 years.I think having healthy certified cattle is very important if people other then your family will be participating in the daily production.
We love our cows and we appreciate for the milk they produce.
There is a doorstep fresh milk delivery service which we built and all of our customers feel part of the production


The main jobs we have are;

8 hours a day Max.

lots of cleaning-manure scraping,
combing the cows
filling milk bottles
garden related work

The most important thing I expect from the volunteers are that they support my production team(not necessarily physically-but can be mentally as well/jokes or simply creating a nice atmosphere for them also counts) as much as you can and show love/care for my cows which is mostly forgotten at the daily hessle.
Languages spoken


-there is internet access at the office for you 1 hr a day
-you will either get a an apart. one bedroom/kitchen/livingroom wth a bathroom inside or a single bedroom/bath combination
-Dinners:2-3 days a week I cook;4 days a week you cook at the guesthouse kitchen.(ingriedients provided by me)
-Lunch there is a catering service coming in for all of us
-Breakfast at the guesthouse wth the team or at the guest house wth other volunteers
-one day off
What else ...

Our farm is only 90km to İstanbul and very easy to reach by bus from Esenler Bus station in istanbul.

-you can only volunteer for at least a min of 14 full days and above-not less.
-there are contract based positions available almost all times for different projects
-permaculture and environment friendly life is what we are after
Learn all about dairy farming in Istanbul
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