Take care of my self sufficient space in the Pyrenees of spain

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Location: Artaso, Spain


Im creating an space for self sufficient life in a pine forrest in the pyrennes of Spain, in Aragon near an ecovillage. It's a beautiful place in the nature, surrounded by mountains, little rivers and trees. I usually can't always stay in my place, because I have some other things to do. For that reason I am looking for someone who has the time to stay here a bit longer and takes care of the place while I am away. I need help with tending to my animals and the wood cabin and vegetable garden. I have hens, rabbits and a mule that need to be fed daily.

When I am there we can do small tasks involving the garden or craft projects (depending on what I am doing at that time) and I can share some knowledge about self suffuciantcy. There will be a lot of down time to read, cook or play chess / meditate / compose / play music or make any kind of art, whatever you may desire to do. Im a compositor of polirithmie phonic and polirithmic phonic, i was teaching percussion with voice and instruments in France for some years.

The surrounding nature is beautiful and good for hiking and meditation.
The place is off grid and far away from civilisation. There is the little village project near by but the next bigger place is 12km away.
There is limited water and electricity, created by the solar panel, no toilet and no wifi.

You will live in a Finnish circular tent near the cabin but you will have access to the cabin while I'm away.

Living with the nature and taking care of my surroundings is very important to me. Being a active person I enjoy being with active and positive people who enjoy the nature and the created space.

It's important that I am only reachable by phone, I usually don't have access to a computer and the internet!

0034 6544 38347
If you can't get me on the first one try this on 0033 788923 945

I'm looking forward to hear from you!

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