Lung Ta Mas Serradell

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Location: Sant Joan les Fonts, España



Presentation of a Project for the new Creation of a space of Peace, Health and Love, generating the commitment to create each of the participants their own GARDEN OF PEACE.

As the foundation of this new Creation we value the principles of the Banner of Peace, in which Art, Science and Spirituality unify.


1. Begin our Path, Together and in Peace, from the free choice and responsible will on the part of each, of the creation of their own GARDEN OF PEACE

2. Go from the personal, individualized to the collective, with the participatory collaboration in the co-creation and development of a community GARDEN OF PEACE.

3. Acquisition of Land, offered with these assumed principles, open to the collaboration of the participants with their diverse contributions in their delivery to the Project.

4. Adapt the Earth the development of the Project.

5. Provide spaces for artistic creativity in its different expressions.

We need help to:

Activities with children during the summer holidays, Christmas and Easter, with motivated people and with a vocation to develop educational activities with workshops, vegetable gardens, games, theater, music, etc.

Preferably we are looking for people with the title of monitor of leisure and free time.

People who want to help with the cleaning, maintenance and ordering of spaces.

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