Looking for immediate help (au pair) near Malaga, Southern Spain

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Location: Rincon de la Victoria, Spain


Hi there, I moved to Spain almost 4 years ago and with my 8 year old boy. Combining my professional activities and social life with my kid/household is not an easy task, so I'm looking for some help. Tasks will be mainly cleaning and other domestic services and looking after my kid when I need (or just want) to go out. You will have plenty of free time to work on your own projects, go out yourself or to just enjoy the region, the sun and the sea. My boy is very energetic, but he easily adapts to new people and is very outgoing. Between us we speak Spanish but I also speak English, Dutch, French and some Portuguese. My son speaks Spanish and English (intermediate), but also understands some Dutch.

Veni a España hace dos años con mi hijo de 7 años. Trabajar, una vida social y un niño no es una combinación fácil, por eso busco a alguien que me ayude en casa. Mi hijo tiene mucha energia, pero tiene un caracter muy abierto y se conecta fácilmente con otros.

I usually work from home (or any place nearby with an internet connection). I will need your help when I have appointments with clients or just social events. Normally this is mostly in the afternoon/evening. Examples of tasks: Cooking lunch- Taking my kid to school/activities or picking him up Putting him to bed "Entertain" him - his favorite activity is playing soccer! Also some general housekeeping tasks (cleaning, ironing).
In case of long-term stay: Your schedule might be different from week to week, but in general we should be able to work something out which suits both of us, depending on the purpose of your stay. For example, if you want to take a language course, it shouldn't be a problem to have mornings off to attend classes.

You will have a private room, 2 days off (1 during the week and 1 during the weekend) and healthy food according to your preferences (I've had volunteers with all kinds of diets and it has never been a problem). On average 5 hours a day, with a give and take flexibility so we can both be comfortable.

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