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Location: Llanos de Aridane, Spain


We need someone who knows about BIOCONSTRUCTION specially to build a compost toilet and a beautiful space for yoga/biodanza activities.

As a volunteer here we have lots you can do - so say what you´re interested in and write before hand so we can find your best fit! If you´re involved in a big project, we can discuss how time is managed - differently to how it would be if youre more part of the day to day running. We are relaxed and want you to have a lovely time here and feel part of a family! Days off are compulsory!

1. General help with the eco guesthouse : changing beds, cleaning, meeting guests,
2. Caring for the animals: we have 4 dogs, 5 cats, chickens coming out of our vegetarian ears, a guinea pig ,rabbit and a horse!
3. Computers and internet: general help in dealing with the evils of technology is always appreciated
4. Building: small building projects are always happening here! We need to make a compost toilet and do something with a broken swimming pool maybe a vertical garden and yoga space, and any expertise in building, or general gusto for giving it a go is always welcome. We aim for eco construction methods
5. Art projects: as an artist myself we often have art projects on the go, including right now the construction of a clay dragon sculpture. Come ard join in!
6. Teaching: I run an English academy for kids here on the island and if you´d like to teach as part of your volunteer experience help in the academy would be great.
7. Other: If you´d like to come as a volunteering meditation leader, yoga teacher, therapist, etcetera, please do!

  • help about BIOCONSTRUCTION
  • help about BIOCONSTRUCTION
  • help about BIOCONSTRUCTION
  • help about BIOCONSTRUCTION
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