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Location: Valle de Guerra, Spain


The Batoro Project

is all about creating an ecologically conscious and family-oriented community space on the beautiful island of Tenerife.
Our finca is situated between the mountains and the northern coastline near to a small town untouched by tourism. We are a new project so there is a lot of exciting work to be done and the opportunity to really see how each day's work greatly contributes to the overall beauty and functionality of the project.
As the project continues to develop so does the work, so we ask volunteers to have an open mind, peaceful attitude, and a hardworking spirit. Most of the work will be in the gardens and greenhouses planting, harvesting, and tending to our many fruits, vegetables, and other plants around the finca, however there is also plenty of structural and creative work to be done as well. We would love to host volunteers with knowledge and experience in gardening or construction, or anyone interested in learning more about these skills as well as how to live in community with others. In joining our project not only will volunteers have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of permaculture and the inner workings of an eco project but they will also be welcomed into a super friendly and forward thinking group of people which includes other volunteers and the many friends of the finca. We provide excellent meals, fresh out of our ecological garden with breakfast, lunch, and dinner from Monday to Fiday. We ask for a minimum stay of 45 days. In our experience it often takes volunteers a more then two weeks to feel fully connected to the vision of the project as well as the vibe of the finca and surrounding community, so volunteers interested in staying longer than 45 days are very happily welcome.

  • Be part in the Batoro Project Tenerife
  • Be part in the Batoro Project Tenerife
  • Be part in the Batoro Project Tenerife
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