raspberry harvesting and establishing a self-sustaining rasta communa

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Location: Without Adress :D, bjelusa, serbia


from middle of march, at least until the middle of september, you can come to Visoka/Bjelusa (Zlatibor district, central Serbia) for raspberry harvesting, or working in the raspberry fields. Folks there up in the mountains don't speak foreign languages, but most of the time they are really friendly. They offer you a place to stay in (mostly) abandoned houses (you can find one for yourself as well, but maybe you will have some troubles with the neighbours), food, and work in the raspberry fields (mostly harvesting, at summer, until early august), they are also willing to pay around 1500 dinars (arund 15 EUR), per day, for around 10 hours....
And, we also have the plan to make a self-sustaining rasta (?) communa up there, where it wouldnt bother anyone, we would need people for that, who are willing to move in, for longer time as well, until we build a working system....
easiest way is to hh from Arilje to Visoka center and ask for Sofija, and walk there (around 1-1,5 hours). She would be happy to meet travellers. She is an educated 50-something woman, who went hippie couple of years ago, and moved up there, to live without money, and work in the garden, with animals, and for food for the neighbours.... AAAnd, its around 60 kms from Guca (where the famous trumpet festival takes place exactly at the end of the malina (raspberry) season, in early august).
So, for me its a great opportunity, to go there at july, to work a couple of weeks (or just hang around in beautiful nature, most cleanset serbian rivers, valleys, baths, etc), and go to guuuchhaaaaaa.
whatever. just posted. thx for this site....

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